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Snoop Lion releases another single

Let us know what you think!


The world’s best beer available in stores for the first time…

Here is a list of the top 50 beers of 2012

Have you ever heard of or tasted any of these?

Where does Carib & Stag fit in the rankings?

What’s your 1st, 2nd and 3rd preference of alcoholic drinks?

For the light-hearted, here is the year in review 🙂



This isn’t for promotion more than it is a question posed to you.

Can you and / or will you pay this kind of money to go to a carnival fete? $900 TT. 8 hours. 4 local acts. 1 DJ. Click the pic for more info. Don’t forget to post your thoughts and comments!

Fast Or Farce

*** The views in the linked articles are not necessarily those of the author of this blog ***

On the backdrop of Dr. Wayne Kublalsingh’s hunger strike against the development of a highway in Southern Trinidad, I stumbled on an article, an excerpt of it is as follows…

“The message should be clear. If this man is willing to give his life to protect a community and the environment then what are the rest of us prepared to do, we who have been directly brutalized by underdevelopment for the past 50 years, our children stunted for generations, whilst our governments have been largely incompetent, arrogant and wasteful and allowed thieves to steal so many billions since Independence?”

Read the article here and get back to us with your views.

Another interesting article concerning this topic was found here. An excerpt …

“Prayers and tears, my ass! He has chosen his path and if he is willing to die for an unpatriotic, anti-public interest cause, let him die to fuck. Who the fuck are we to stop him?”

This article is also definitely worthy of comment.

Football is as subjective a sport as it gets. So many tactics, so many formations, so many positions and  by extension, of course, so many players. This one had to be put this up on the back of the display seen by Zlatan Ibrahimovic against England.

Fans & fanatics all differ on his actual level as a footballer. Some say he is among the greats currently plying their trade in the game. Others liken him to the 3rd chester drawer – the top drawer reserved for the likes of Messi, C. Ronaldo, and even *cough*, Falcao.

What do you think?

As far as events go, some say there is no experience like partying on a boat. Is it the temporary disconnection from a land mass that spurs on the europhia? Is it the temporal movement in the water while you move to the music?

A fund raising event for a cancer patient in need of surgery,  a group of friends have come together to launch “Bubble on the Boat”.

Support this charitable cause. Buy a ticket or three. Donate whatever you can. Check out the info below.

Quote of the moment :- Lies hurt, honesty heals…